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Learn AngularJS Training from Experts

AngularJS Course in Bangalore offered by I Digital Academy in BTM Layout, Bangalore is designed for all the students who are looking forward to build their career in Web Development and to learn Javascript framework in which all the AngularJS files are distributed. We at I Digital Academy are making our students ready by training them on all the updated software and tools used for building a website using Angular JS. I Digital Academy makes sure that the gap between the academics and the industry standards & Demands are filled by learning AngulasJS Course with Us.

I Digital Academy mainly Focuses on providing a complete experience to each and every student on all the AngularJS aspects i.e. both theoretically and Practically you can get trained. You might be an experienced candidate who has just joined us to upgrade your skills or you might be a fresher who is just out of the college and is trying to explore all the possible AngularJS applications and tools, in either way we can provide you the best AngularJS training in Bangalore where you can learn all the concepts from the basic level to the advanced development.

We have a very good staff consisting of all the professionals and skilled Trainers with a very good experience. We help you to build your career by providing you all the required skills which will make you ready as per the industrial standards. We mainly train students on how to build a very attractive and user-friendly web applications by training them with the basic fundamentals. AngularJS is a JavaScript framework and is distributed as a JavaScript file. It can be added to an HTML page with a tag. The AngularJS Training Course will help you to boost your knowledge and skills which will help you to improve and to become a very good and successful UI Developer using all the AngularJS Concent. It includes all the fundamental concepts of MVC Design Patterns, DOM and Virtual DOM manipulation, Services, Dependency Injection (DI) and the moves towards advanced concepts like DOM Event handling, client-side Routing, XHR communication, Testing, MEAN stack development, Multi-Device implementation, etc.

We cover most of the topic and we teach all our students in a very flexible way by keeping in mind all the ability and potential of each and every student. We have structured the course in such a way that every individual can learn and grasp all the topics very easily. We also include all the latest trends and updates in the syllabus which would give an added advantage to the students who learn AngularJS course in Bangalore with I Digital Academy. You can complete your AngularJS Course by building your own website side by side and using all the JavaScript and AngularJS tags in the code which will enable you to get all the practical experience and training.

  • JavaScript is the main language behind the development of AngularJS and AngularJS is said to be the most powerful JavaScript-based development framework which is used to create Rich Internet Application(RIA).
  • AngularJS can act as a cross-browser Complaint when used to code an Application. It automatically handles all the JavaScript Code suitable for each browser.
  • AngularJS Provides developers an option to write client application in MVC (Model View Controller) way.
  • AngularJS is open source, completely free, and used by thousands of developers around the world. It is licensed under the Apache License version 2.0.


  • Real-Time Angular JS Training
  • Hands on Practical Experience
  • Work on live Projects
  • 6 Months Student Support
  • Professional Digital Marketing Trainers
  • More than 6 Years of experience in Angular JS
  • Have worked on real-time Angular JS
  • Working as Angular JS Consultant in top MNC
  • Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge about Angular JS Concepts
  • Certified Angular JS Professionals

Angular JS Placement Training in Bangalore

  • 100% placement assistance for Angular JS Students
  • Resume Support
  • Mock Interviews

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Angular JS class Batch timings in Bangalore

    • Regular Batch (Morning, Day time & Evening)
    • Weekend Batch for Angular JS Training
    • Saturday and Sunday Morning and Afternoon batch

Angular JS Training FAQ

Do I get access the Angular JS Course Material?

  • Yes, students will be given a hard copy and digital copy of the Angular JS course content.

If in any case I'm unable to complete the Angular JS program due to personal issues, will there be an extension?

  • You can join back any of the existing class within 6 months and from the date of registration.

Who can apply for this Angular JS Course?

  • Anyone with a zeal to learn Angular JS Training can enrol in the Angular JS Training Program

Do you provide Instalment facility to the aspiring students and how does it work?

  • Yes, Students can make payments in 2 instalments. 1st instalment to be made after the demo class and 2nd instalment should be made within 15 days from registration date

Will I get Certification for Angular JS Training?

  • Yes, you will get course completion certificate from i Digital Academy

Do you support Placement assistance post completion of Angular JS Course?

  • We offer placement assistance to all the students for upto 6 months from the date of registration.

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is a javascript framework used for creating single web page applications.  It allows you to use HTML as your template language and enables you to extend HTML’s syntax to express your application’s components clearly.

Explain what are the key features of AngularJS ?

The key features of AngularJS are

  • Scope

  • Controller

  • Model

  • View

  • Services

  • Data Binding

  • Directives

  • Filters

  • Testable

Explain what is scope in AngularJS ?

Scope refers to the application model, it acts like glue between application controller and the view.  Scopes are arranged in hierarchical structure and impersonate the DOM ( Document Object Model) structure of the application.  It can watch expressions and propagate events.  

Explain what is services in AngularJS ?

In AngularJS services are the singleton objects or functions that are used for carrying out specific tasks.  It holds some business logic and these function can be called as controllers, directive, filters and so on.

Explain what is Angular Expression? Explain what is key difference between angular expressions and JavaScript expressions?

Like JavaScript,  Angular expressions are code snippets that are usually placed in binding such as

The key difference between the JavaScript expressions and Angular expressions

  • Context : In Angular, the expressions are evaluated against a scope object, while the Javascript expressions are evaluated against the global window

  • Forgiving: In Angular expression evaluation is forgiving to null and undefined, while in Javascript undefined properties generates TypeError or ReferenceError

  • No Control Flow Statements: Loops, conditionals or exceptions cannot be used in an angular expression

  • Filters: To format data before displaying it you can use filters

Mention what are the advantages of using AngularJS ?

AngularJS has several advantages in web development.

  • AngularJS supports MVC pattern

  • Can do two ways data binding using AngularJS

  • It has per-defined form validations

  • It supports both client server communication

  • It supports animations

What Our Students Say

i Digital Academy

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I strongly Recommend Be-practical for AngularJS 6 Training in Bangalore, Trainers and placement is Excellent !I got placed as mean stack developer.Thank you Be-practical.


I strongly Recommend Be-practical for AngularJS 6 Training in Bangalore, Trainers and placement is Excellent !I got placed as mean stack developer.Thank you Be-practical.

I am from commerce background and dint have technical knowledge, but sir taught me entire SEO without coding. I also got SEO Job placement soon after completing the SEO training at i Digital Academy. My Experience with i Digital Academy was really good and i will definitely recommend this to all my friends.

Pavan Kumar

I also got SEO Job placement soon after completing the SEO training at i Digital Academy

I choose i Digital Academy for SEO training as their institute is already ranking number 1 in Google. This means they have good knowledge about SEO and how to implement.

Praveen J

their institute is already ranking number 1 in Google

I took up SEO training at i Digital Academy, the course was completed in one week in a professionals manner. every concept was made very clear and i also got an opportunity to work on real-time project.

Dilip Kulkarni

i also got an opportunity to work on real-time project

The best digital marketing training institute in Bangalore. Sir is really a good humble and great tutor. He has really good teaching skills and helped a lot during the classes. I just got placed right after my course ended and I’m really thankful to all who helped me from there. If you are looking for a better

Vishnu Vijayan

I just got placed right after my course ended and I’m really thankful to all who helped me from there